The rules and/or specifications set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. By making an application for a competitor permit, it is deemed that the competitor agrees to become familiar with these rules and regulations and abide by the directions set forth and prescribed by BARRIE SPEEDWAY Inc No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or specifications. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury, or death to participants, spectators or others.

 If you are unsure of any rule, whether contained within these rules or your division rules, it is the responsibility of the driver to question this prior to any competition. You may contact the Series Head Tech Official or Director to clear up any questions. It is the responsibility of the Driver, NOT the Series Technical Director or Series Promoter or Series Representatives or any Track Representative, to ensure that his / her race car meets the specifications noted prior to entering any Event.

All rules are subject to amendments for competition when ample notice has been given by the speedway.

Any car that does not conform to a division rule may be allowed to compete with a weight and/or restrictor plate at the tech department’s discretion.

1. No one is to consume any intoxicating beverages or controlled substances in the pit area or any other part of Speedway property. (This includes pit crew, friends and family.)

2. All persons must sign a release form before entering the pit area. No person will be allowed in the pits until properly registered. All persons under the age of 12 yrs. MUST  have a minor’s release signed by parent/guardian. NO EXCEPTION! If you have a NASCAR Charger or Learner’s Permit, your release is on file with NASCAR Memberships.

3. In any given year all drivers must hold a current, valid, fully paid NASCAR License. All pit crew entering the infield must hold a current, valid, fully paid NASCAR License. Crew members without Licenses are strictly forbidden from entering the infield at any time. Failure, by drivers to ensure that their crew are licensed will result in a possible loss of points and purse for the race. It is strongly recommended that any persons entering the live track area make themselves aware of the safety rules as set out in the NASCAR rules handbook.

4. All cars must display sponsor contingency stickers for their class to be entitled to the Sponsors awards.

5. Before any car may take part in an event, it is subject to inspection by Barrie Speedway officials.

6. Cars must pass through technical inspection and receive an approval. No car shall practice or compete on the racetrack without being approved. Barrie Speedway officials may inspect any car at any time.

7. No car shall practice until a Barrie Speedway official opens the track. The official will be in charge of practice sessions – his word is final.

8. Only the driver is allowed in the race car while on the track surface. NO RIDERS IN, OR ON THE RACECAR.

9. The driver assumes the responsibility for the actions of his/her pit crew. This also applies to their FAMILY MEMBERS and FRIENDS who attend the races and subject officials to abuse.

10. Abuse of any Barrie Speedway official and the use of improper language at any time are strictly prohibited. Any driver, car owner, crew member or family member assaulting any Barrie Speedway official, other drivers, crew members at any time prior to, during, or after the race events, will be suspended from future events and/or fined and disqualified.

11.  Throwing your helmet will result in permanent seizure of helmet.

12. Only a Registered Driver shall drive a race car. A NASCAR License must be purchased for competition on any given points night. Every new driver must be registered on the day of competition. This includes visiting drivers. NOTE: Invitationals and Specials are exempt.

13. There will be a DRIVER’S MEETING at each race event and it is mandatory that ALL DRIVERS attend. At this time, there will be no running of engines (generators or car engines) so that information and instructions given to the drivers can be heard clearly by everyone. DRIVERS ONLY are allowed at these meetings. No crew, family or friends allowed. A roll call will be taken at each meeting. Any driver to miss this meeting will start scratch in their heat races or LLM feature.

14. Any injury sustained on Barrie Speedway property must be reported to officials immediately.

15. At the end of each Feature Race, absolutely no work is to be done to the car prior to completion of Tech Inspection. All drivers and crew members must follow all Barrie Speedway safety rules on track and off the track.

16. Barrie Speedway reserves the right to refuse entry or participation of any member or entrant at their sole and absolute discretion.

17. Any non sufficient fund (NSF) cheque issued to the Speedway or any lost and reissued cheque, will carry a $20.00 surcharge.

18. Barrie Speedway will honour all competitor track suspensions as long as the competing track has made the suspension public knowledge. Barrie Speedway must be notified by email or phone.

1. Starting line-up will be posted and cars must be aligned according to instructions of Barrie Speedway officials assigned to respective pit area. Failure to be in assigned position when event is called will result in forfeiture of position.

2. DRIVERS WILL DRAW FOR POSITIONS each night to determine heat line-ups, unless directed otherwise by a track official. Upon arrival at the track, drivers must report to tech shed to draw their number.

3. In order for a car to be awarded last place points in the feature, the car must take the green flag unless otherwise directed by the track official.

4. (a) If a car is disabled during an event the driver may borrow another car that has passed pre-race inspection. This must be approved by the Technical Official in charge. The car number must be changed to the new driver’s registered number. The owner/driver of the borrowed car relinquishes all rights for running the car in that event. The borrowed car will start scratch in qualifying heats and start the feature in the position earned. If qualifying is complete when the car is borrowed the car will start the feature in scratch position.
4. (b) Registered Drivers may use a Registered substitute driver for a maximum of two events throughout the season. The substitute driver must qualify the car and be the only driver during the entire event. No car may be borrowed during this condition. The substitute driver will start in scratch positions for the heats and feature. Points accumulated by the substitute driver will be credited to the regular driver.

5. New and visiting drivers will start scratch for the heats and feature for the first night. Barrie Speedway is empowered to allot drivers starting position at any time as deemed necessary by the Speedway.

6. On any given night there could be a Promoter’s Choice added to a qualified field.

7. While on the racetrack, all drivers and cars are under the jurisdiction of the Starter, who will communicate his or her instructions by flag and/or light signals. The Starter’s decisions are FINAL. Final race results are subject to change according to protest procedure and/or Final Technical Inspection.

8. ANY RACE CAR NOT HANDLING PROPERLY OR JEOPARDIZING SAFETY OF THE RACE or causing excessive restarts will be put to the back of the field or is subject to a black flag by the race officials.

9. Black flagged cars are to retire to the infield. Any car not complying with the black flag will result in fines and/or suspension. A black flag with an orange circle is a mechanical problem in which case you are required to pull off into pit lane. Fix problem if possible and re-enter from pit lane onto track in a safe and orderly manner when instructed by an official.

10. At the conclusion of each and every feature, the top 3 cars or any combination of cars designated by the TECHNICAL PERSONNEL will be directed to the Tech area where he or she will be advised as to what is required for the TECHNICAL INSPECTION for that night, and where it will be done. Only the driver and a maximum of 2 crew members from each car will be allowed into the Tech Area during inspection.

11. Entering and exiting the track surface: All cars will enter the Speedway in corner two and exit the Speedway in corner one. THERE IS NO EXITING OF THE SPEEDWAY WHATSOEVER WHILE RACE IS UNDER GREEN, CARS WILL RETIRE TO PIT LANE OR INFIELD and be removed at the first available time. During heat races, you will be able to exit the Speedway at corner one when caution is out. Re-enter Speedway through corner two under caution. If a car goes past Speedway entrance, that car will be out of that event unless otherwise instructed by a track official. PLEASE NOTE: The paved entrance and exit on to and off of the track are deemed as live race areas. No crew members, spectators or associates are allowed on these designated areas at any time. Anyone entering these areas will result in immediate disqualification or suspension and fines to the driver or car they are associates with. EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE WOULD ONLY APPLY IF INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY A TRACK OFFICIAL.


The word STOCK when used in any class rules, shall mean unaltered, as factory available and produced by the O.E.M. for the make, model and year of car being raced. That excludes all after market “high performance” parts. All decisions and rulings shall be based on data obtained from Canadian Service Data Book. For specific classifications check appropriate class rules.


(must be filed with pit gate to receive forms.)

An official protest may be filed according to the protest procedure only by a Barrie Speedway registered driver. Protest shall be filed first at the pit gate and then given to any Barrie Speedway Tech Official or Track Director and must be in writing on the official protest form. Barrie Speedway reserves the right to inspect protestor’s vehicle. All decisions made by the Track Officials are FINAL.

If illegal or questionable parts are found during teching after the evening races, the officials have the right and will confiscate the illegal part(s) on behalf of the Speedway. Questionable parts, if deemed legal, will be returned ASAP. Finishing order and points of the balance of the race field will change based on where the disqualified car or cars placed.

Technical protests may be made by registered drivers ONLY within their own class. All technical protests must be made to the respective Technical Directors on forms provided from the pit gate (where the funds will be held), with all the information required on the forms completed and the respective cash deposited at the Pit Gate. Officials have the right to deny any protest that they deem unjust, unreasonable or redundant.

Protests must be made within 10 minutes of the time the checkered flag is displayed. No cars within the class are to be removed from the Speedway property within 15 minutes of the displayed checkered flag without the consent of Speedway Officials.


PURE STOCK                             THUNDER (SS)                 LIMITED LATE MODEL

Crank shaft             $350.00         Crank shaft       $400.00        Crank shaft        $500.00

Piston & Rod          $300.00          Piston & Rod    $300.00        Piston & Rod     $350.00

All other                  $150.00         All other             $200.00        All other             $300.00

Only the protestor, the protested driver and 2 protested crew members shall be allowed in the tech area along with the Barrie Speedway officials. All Technical Protests must be made within 10 minutes of the completion of the race in which the protested car raced.

Car Impounding – Track Officials have the right, for inspection purposes to seal or impound race equipment entered and competing in an event. Barrie Speedway and their Officials  are not responsible for payment, reimbursement, damage or loss to the competitor as a result of such sealing or impounding.


If the protested car is found illegal, he or she will lose all funds pertaining to that particular night and lose the maximum amount of points allowed in that class for that night. The protestor will receive his or her money back.

If protested car is found legal, he or she will receive the money put up by the protestor and keeps all points and money earned for the night.

Any car not accepting the protest will be deemed illegal and disqualified for the night. Losing maximum points allowed in that class for that night and all funds earned for that night.

  • Track is allowed one “free” tear down/inspection of engine. If found legal on the first tear down any subsequent tear downs will be compensated by way of a new set of gaskets.

Any car found to be illegal or disqualified will lose all points and money up to that point of the night. Prior to feature the car must be made legal and may be eligible to restart scratch for the feature if the feature line up permits.


End of year payouts and point funds will only be paid to registered drivers that have taken part and competed in a minimum of 51% of the season.

All specifications and regulations contained herein are subject to immediate change – without prior notice – as determined by the Director of Operations