NASCAR Home Tracks are about community and neighbors; they're about late nights in the garage tuning a motor and a get together with your family. Those late nights and get togethers are all across North American and Europe at NASCAR Home Tracks. 


Barrie Speedway provides a variety of effective advertising opportunities for our clients. Coupled with the virtually limitless promotional opportunities offered by our weekly race schedule, Barrie Speedway is a sponsor's dream.

With the motto: "Get Your Heart Racing", Barrie Speedway can deliver brand-loyal motorsports fans of all types. From the exposure around our 1/3 of a mile Speedway to division sponsorship, we have the right location and the right skills to put your marketing plans into action.

If you can imagine it, odds are we can make it happen!


Track Signage

  • 8x10 Billboard
  • 8x20 Billboard
  • 8x24 Billboard
  • Wall Signs
  • Pit Signage

Sponsor Night Packages

Our V.I.P. Deck for the evening with 40 tickets for your guests.  Your event is promoted throughout the evening as being your sponsor night.  If the business has a wrapped or decaled vehicle, it may be used in the parade lap and if suitable used as a pace car for the evening for added exposure.  Any corporate advertising or promotional material may be distributed throughout the Speedway, Pit area included.

Your name appears on all schedules (circulation 30K) and website and is announced during all radio advertising.

Food and Beverage Available at an additional cost.

Option A:  Hamburger and Hot Dog plus soft drink each

Option B:  2 slices of pizza plus softdrink each

Private Bar Available (beer and coolers) at an additional cost.

Division Sponsor

All Division Sponsors have their name across the top windshield of ALL cars in their Division and their name announced everytime their class enters the track.  All Sponsors logos will be listed on our website and linked through to your companies website.  All Sponsors receive radio ads in conjunction with our marketing campaign with Rock 95, Kool FM, Chay 93.1, The Dock, Kicx and the Jewel, and all printed and television media.  The division is listed in all schedules and print media as your company name's division along with your logo.



PURE STOCK- Includes 2 Sponsor season passes & 1, 8x10 billboard

THUNDER CAR-  Includes 2 Sponsor season passes & 1, 8x10 billboard, 1 Sponsor Night & 2 VIP NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Tickets

LIMITED LATE MODEL-  Includes 4 Sponsor season passes & 1, 8x10 billboard, 1 sponsor night & 2 VIP NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Tickets

Point Fund Sponsors

All Point Fund Sponsors will have their name announced everytime a class enters the track and repeated through the announcement for the points race.  All signage for the points race of each class will have their name.  All Sponsors logos are listed on our website and linked through to your companies website.


For pricing information and to find out what opportunity would be best for your company please contact



NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Sponsorship


  • Title Naming- YOUR COMPANY
  • Hospitality Tent with 100 VIP passes
  • 100 General Admission Tickets
  • Vendor Tent
  • Track Signage

As a NASCAR title sponsor YOUR COMPANY receives extensive media exposure.

  • All printed advertising including brochures, schedules and posters of Barrie Speedway, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, Canadian Tire flyers and promotions. (Approx. Value -$100K)
  • On numerous websites as part of their schedules of NASCAR, TSN, RDS, NCATS, and Barrie Speedway as well as the schedules shown on various racing forums such as Canadian Racing online, Inside Track and Ontario Oval. (Approx. Value -$50K)
  • All event print advertising through local newspapers such as The Packet & Times, The Barrie Examiner, Super Shopper and Snap(Approx. Value-$20K)
  • All radio and television advertising of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and Barrie Speedway. (Approx. Value-$90K)
  • All pre-race promotional spots on TSN
  • Extensive regional and national media exposure with numerous articles, interviews and coverage of the event including television, radio, daily newspapers, racing magazines, entertainment and tourism publications in the Barrie, Muskoka , Haliburton and the Kawartha areas as THE EVENT of the year. (Approx. Value -$100K)
  •  VIP and General Admission Tickets, Vendor Tent  & Track Signage. (Approx. Value-$28K)
  • Extensive coverage on the NASCAR Home Tracks website.
  • Total Value $388,000.00

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series is a twelve race series with the YOUR COMPANY being the 10th . By the time the series enters Barrie, there are axes to grind, tempers to cool and the drivers put on one of the most exciting shows in Canadian motorsports. Race fans are tuned in to see the points race at it’s peak as the series nears the home stretch. This event is a sold out event  every year.


The YOUR COMPANY will be televised nationally on TSN a minimum of 3 times, reaching a growing television audience of NASCAR race fans. YOUR COMPANY name and logo are featured throughout the broadcast as well as on pre-race promotional spots. YOUR COMPANY also has the opportunity to include a media buy during your September 8th race as well as the prior nine races and the 2 remaining races after our event date.


September 8th is YOUR DAY. Your products and services are highlighted to thousands of fans attending the race in person and your VIP’s and guests experience a thrilling day of professional NASCAR racing, with YOUR COMPANY brand front and centre at the head of the show.


Barrie Speedway is proud to say that we are a NASCAR sanctioned Home Track which in itself speaks to the calibre  of the programmes presented. Barrie Speedway is also the only speedway on the circuit that donates a percentage of all ticket sales to local charities or the chairty of the Sponsor’s choice.


An investment in the title sponsor of a NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race at Barrie Speedway delivers excellent value compared to other major televised events in Canada and allows YOUR COMPANY to align themselves with the biggest name in motorsports in the world.

Call Diane for pricing Info @ 705-487-0279 or email